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25th May 2019 
Testimonials. UrdhvaDhanu

" Sejel's yoga classes actually managed to take my mind away from everyday life and that is something special. Sejel is a great yoga teacher - calm, patient, and with a beautiful voice. Sejel puts people at ease and makes them dream while exercising." Maris H, Kensington.

Testimonials. prasaritapadsmall

Elkie who was told by a specialist that she would never be able to lift her arm after an accident says, "After having had a bad accident, dislocating and fracturing my shoulder I feel privileged to have met Sejel, who with her expert knowledge and wonderful calm being has helped me mentally and physically. There is no doubt that Yoga has been very powerful in my complete recovery." Elkie Finn, Warwick Avenue

Testimonials. triksmall

" Sejel is watchful, supportive and challenging, with the gift of being able to pick up on the mood of the class and tailor the session accordingly. However crabby I am at the start, by the end I’m smiling. In times of crisis, it’s a lifeline." Kathy P


Yoga with Sejel in Hampstead, Central London and Kensington.