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Dear Students, thank you so much for your dedication and for these testimonials. See you in class! Namaste, Sejel

"Sejel has a natural talent as a Yoga teacher. Her calming manner and extensive knowledge makes her classes a real pleasure. I come away feeling calm & centered. I can't recommend her enough."

L Murray

"Sejel's classes strike the perfect balance between the mental and physical, the spiritual and the practical, and relaxation and invigoration. When leaving her class I always feel calm, peaceful, more focused and stronger in both body and mind. It's the best yoga class I've found."

L Scott

"Attending Sejel's Yoga class is often the highlight of my day. My job is pretty stressful but regular practice has helped me to improve my mental and personal strength so I can cope with stressful situations more effectively. I have even been inspired to enroll on a yoga teacher training course."

K Williams

"Sejel is a wonderful teacher. Each week is unique but always has a sense of calm and tranquility. Her wisdom extends beyond her fundamental understanding of the poses - she brings a richness to her yoga by also weaving in her knowledge of books, poetry, music, aromatherapy and colour.. I would encourage everyone to go to her!"

Laura P, Musician

"For me it’s very important to me to have the right teacher when doing yoga in a classroom. Sejel's class is perfect in that sense – it is very calming and relaxing, but includes the physical side, which can be quite demanding. Sejel brings into the class a perfect balance between mind and body, spirituality and physical exercise – neither takes over the other and that is what I like. The result is a higher energy level, a more comfortable body and a relaxed mind."

M Juhasoo

"Practicing yoga makes me feel really connected; it allows me to leave the day behind and to bring my focus within. This feels very natural, spiritual and nourishing in ways no other exercise does. After a class I find I am in a more peaceful state of mind and enjoy calming activities; maybe a good meal and some light reflection before I go to bed."

R Dhiri

"Sejel actually managed to take my mind away from everyday life and that is something special. I think Sejel is a great yoga teacher, very calm, patient and with a beautiful voice. Sejel puts people at ease and makes them dream while exercising."

M Hakman, Workplace/On-Site Yoga

"Sejel is watchful, supportive and challenging, with the gift of being able to pick up on the mood of the class and tailor the session accordingly. However crabby I am at the start of a lesson, by the end I’m smiling. In times of crisis, it’s a lifeline."

K Pimlott

Elkie who was told by a specialist that she would never be able to raise her arm up after an accident says, "after having had a bad accident, dislocating and fracturing my shoulder, I feel very privileged to have met Sejel, who with her expert knowledge and wonderful calm being has helped me mentally and physically. There is no doubt in my mind that Yoga has been very powerful in my complete recovery and I look forward to seeing Sejel every week."

E Finn, Private Yoga Tuition

"Yoga with Sejel is always a joyful experience. Sejel is inspiring, gentle, calming, caring, fluid, and spiritual."

F Nichols, Private Yoga Tuition

“I really enjoy Sejel's yoga classes. The small group size encourages a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. Sejel is a brilliant teacher - I always feel a huge release of tension and over time have managed to get rid of all the pain in my back and joints. I look forward to this every week and especially enjoy the feeling immediately after her class. I always sleep well after one of these classes!”

P O'Connell, Workplace/On-Site Yoga

“Sejel has a refreshing approach to teaching yoga. She explores a wide range of elements and activities in a pleasant and relaxing class. She shows a great deal of calmness and warmth. I always enjoy her classes and I experience a feeling of relaxation and inner peace afterwards.”

C Francesconi

"Being a dancer, doing yoga weekly allows me to relax in a peaceful place and gives me a workout at the same time."

Courtney B, Private Yoga Tuition

"Practicing yoga whilst being pregnant has provided me with the chance to gain strength, flexibility and balance; to strive to transform stress into harmony; and equally importantly, given me the ability to further my spiritual journey. It has helped me improve my posture; avoid aches and pain; and enabled me to feel healthier in mind and body. Hopefully, the benefits will also mean that I regain my pre-pregnancy shape more quickly too!"

Archana G, Private Yoga Tuition

"I used to feel tired all the time but due to yoga I have more stamina. I also had a fairly weak immune system and since I have been doing yoga (for 2 years) I have not had the flu (which I normally get every winter). I always have a good night's sleep after yoga."

Hari C

"I find a real connection in the yoga classes; it allows me to leave the day behind and to bring my focus within. This feels very natural, spiritual and nourishing in ways no other exercise does. After a class I find I am in a more peaceful state of mind and enjoy calming activities; maybe a good meal and some light reflection before I go to bed."

R Dhiri

"Yoga doesn't present a sufficient challenge for blokes. Well, that’s what I used to think. Then just over a year ago, needing something to chill me out, I went to my first yoga class. An hour and a half later, I came away feeling beautifully relaxed, as if I’d drunk half a bottle of wine. But I’d also stretched parts of my body that hadn’t been stretched since… well, never. This was real exercise after all......And I kept going to weekly classes. Within three or four months people were commenting that I looked taller. All that stretching had improved my posture. I now stood up straight instead of slouching. I also felt more relaxed. On packed tube trains in the middle of July I didn’t get that tight-chested, breathless feeling because yoga helped me breathe correctly. But most of all I felt stronger, fitter. Men feel that yoga doesn’t present a sufficiently macho challenge – it’s for girls. But if you stick with it, the positions become more challenging. The repetitions more intense. You will be exercised. The body is stretched and strengthened, particularly the legs. And it’s an ideal basis for other exercise or sports because it improves flexibility. Which is why a footballer like Ryan Giggs – still twisting and turning at 32 - practices yoga. And if a Premiership footballer can’t convince blokes to take up yoga, here’s the clincher – you don’t have to wear a leotard. Now that is for girls."

J Lamb

"Years of my life have been spent battling with anorexia. I have always exercised for the wrong reasons, and as a result suffered injuries. However, Sejel's classes are proving a revelation. Not only are the sessions helping my mental attitude, but the exercises are safely targeting areas of my body that I have always been self conscious about. I cannot speak highly enough of the classes. The exercises manouver the body with the breath, and the relaxation is wonderful. I now feel I am doing the exercises for the right reasons, & I feel totally at peace with myself."

P Patrick, Private Yoga Tuition

"Having suffered from a bad back and neck for years, I have found Sejel's weekly class to be extremely beneficial. The strengthening poses enable me to pinpoint the weak areas in my body and thanks to the meditative techniques, it is the first time in my life that I can spend even a few minutes truly relaxing!"

Lori L

"Yoga with Sejel is great: just the right balance between a relaxed, fun approach and attention to individual progress within a group. I can happily vouch for the atmosphere she creates and the mood she leaves you in. Sejel is a natural teacher and a real inspiration."

P Mcgee

"I have been attending Sejel's yoga classes for over 2 years. I travel a lot for work and work long hours so joining a gym is impractical, not to mention dull. I find the classes are a great way to unwind and get fit at the same time. There is a lot of variety and Sejel is always introducing new things to keep it interesting. Yoga is also a great way to clear your mind. Sejel's classes cater for people with varying levels of fitness and experience in Yoga. I highly recommend them."

Shirlene C

"As a first timer to Yoga, I am actually very excited about learning more. After only two private lessons with Sejel I am beginning to think about my breathing, my posture and my balance even when sitting and walking normally. I realise I have a huge amount to learn, but I think I can handle the humiliation of falling over in class while balancing on one leg! I'll get there one day. At least I'll learn to put my socks on without having to sit down...."

Giles, Private Yoga Tuition

"Sejel's yoga class is great, it is well paced, not too fast not too slow, with a personal touch to suit your own needs and works well if you are an absolute beginner or more advanced. The yoga is also balanced with relaxation and meditation at the beginning and end of the session. I really recommend this class, and it has become a must-do element of my lifestyle and I have noticed the benefits in all aspects of my life, fewer injuries in sport (e.g. in football where my skills really improved), less body aches despite overwork at the desk and improved mental fitness.”

P Shah

"Recipe for Health and Fitness: Take one middle aged, overweight, sedentary male with high blood pressure, sciatica and a very poor attitude towards his body. Mix with one class with Sejel every week. This comes with a customised set of postures, a selection of breathing techniques and a consistently positive and joyous attitude towards life. Add some effort and regular practice. Season with a healthy diet and a little trust. The result: A new lease on life which comes with higher self-esteem, an appetite for exercise, improved fitness and the rediscovery of peace and calm."

RK, Private Yoga Tuition

Sejel’s yoga classes really gave me a sense of well-being during what was a very stressful time. I tend to go around holding my breath, but Sejel really helped me with my breathing and postures. Her warm and gentle manner is also very reassuring."

I Stone

"Sejel is very effective in teaching beginners and has a lot of patience for people who struggle with flexibility. I left the class feeling incredibly relaxed and ready for sleep. For someone who finds it hard to relax, this is quite a statement"


"I started yoga with Sejel when I was about 7 months pregnant because pregnancy yoga had been recommended to me so many times. It was incredibly calming and yet revitalising, really stretching and moving my body without pain - quite a challenge at 8 months pregnant! I felt renewed, fit and relaxed after each session which I had weekly up until the day I went into labour - about 5 hours after my last class with Sejel! She was a very good teacher and I would recommend her wholeheartedly."

A Greigg, Private Yoga Tuition

Sejel taught with great sensitivity and thorough explanations."

P Dos Santos, Yoga with Sejel

"I like yoga because it honors honesty and integrity in how you exercise your body. Yoga places an emphasis on good form and on total health-mental, physical and spiritual."

Christy Carmelle

"I had always planned on doing yoga as everyone seems to recommend it for pregnancy. Instead of joining a class I was lucky enough to find Sejel online and have loved our one-to-one weekly sessions. As I didn't have much experience with yoga, Sejel was able to tailor our classes to my pace and level of endurance while taking into account my pregnancy by modifying the poses. The poses and stretches I learned helped me deal with the usual aches and pains that went along with pregnancy and for that alone I am eternally grateful! Thanks Sejel!"

Mrs P.A., Private Yoga Tuition

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