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Yoga is a joyful adventure that can help you heal and find your path. Relaxation plays a very important role within every class, allowing for healing and experiencing inner peace. From the stillness and clarity you can get closer to your inner spirit and your life's true purpose. Yoga can bring you back into the moment and lead you back into connection, inspiring a sense of oneness. Classes are currently on hold - once they resume, information will be posted here.

TESTIMONIALS: "Sejel is watchful, supportive and challenging, with the gift of being able to pick up on the mood of the class and tailor the session accordingly. However crabby I am at the start of a lesson, by the end I’m smiling. In times of crisis, it’s a lifeline." K Pimlott

"Sejel is a wonderful teacher. Each week is unique but always has a sense of calm and tranquility. Her wisdom extends beyond her fundamental understanding of the poses - she brings a richness to her yoga by also weaving in her knowledge of books, poetry, music, aromatherapy and colour. I would encourage everyone to go to her!" Laura P, Musician

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