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Testimonials. Ardha Chandrasana

Dear Students, thank you so much for these testimonials and for your dedication to your practice. I would also like to thank all the teachers of yoga, past and present, throughout the world, who have helped to share their knowledge of this special subject.

"Sejel has a natural talent as a Yoga teacher. Her calming manner and extensive knowledge makes her classes a real pleasure. I come away feeling calm & centered. I can't recommend her enough." Lara Murray

"Practicing yoga makes me feel really connected; it allows me to leave the day behind and to bring my focus within. This feels very natural, spiritual and nourishing in ways no other exercise does. After a class I find I am in a more peaceful state of mind and enjoy calming activities; maybe a good meal and some light reflection before I go to bed." Reena Dhiri

"Sejel actually managed to take my mind away from everyday life and that is something special. I think Sejel is a great yoga teacher, very calm, patient and with a beautiful voice. Sejel puts people at ease and makes them dream while exercising." Maris Hakman

"Sejel's classes strike the perfect balance between the mental and physical, the spiritual and the practical, and relaxation and invigoration. When leaving her class I always feel calm, peaceful, more focused and stronger in both body and mind. It's the best yoga class I've found." Lindsay Scott

"Attending Sejel's Yoga class is often the highlight of my day. My job is pretty stressful but regular practice has helped me to improve my mental and personal strength so I can cope with stressful situations more effectively. I have even been inspired to enroll on a yoga teacher training course." K Williams

"Sejel is a wonderful teacher. Each week is unique but always has a sense of calm and tranquility. Her wisdom extends beyond her fundamental understanding of the poses - she brings a richness to her yoga by also weaving in her knowledge of books, poetry, music, aromatherapy and colour.. I would encourage everyone to go to her!" Laura Perkins

"Sejel is watchful, supportive and challenging, with the gift of being able to pick up on the mood of the class and tailor the session accordingly. However crabby I am at the start of a lesson, by the end I’m smiling. In times of crisis, it’s a lifeline." K Pimlott

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